Prices are subject to change. Parents will be given written notice for all tuition changes.

There is a registration fee for all new students of $35 and $25 for returning students. There is a $50 recital fee for each family.  Costume fees are associated with the number of classes your child performs in the recital and will be announced once your child registers for classes. 


All tuition payments are due on the first of every month. There is a five day grace period. On the 6th, a late fee of $35 will be added to the child’s account.  If all payments have not been received by the 1st of the following month, the student will not be allowed to participate in classes. An additional $35 NSF fee will be assessed for all returned checks.




Tuition for the Summer of 2021

*Prices are for the 6 week summer session


Hours per Week                                Tuition

1 Hour                                                 $100

2 Hours                                               $190

3 Hours                                               $220

4 Hours                                               $250

5 Hours                                               $280

6 Hours                                               $310

7 Hours                                               $340

8 Hours                                               $370

9+ Hours                                               $400




Tuition for the 2021-2022 School Year


Hours per Week                                Tuition per Month

1 Hour                                                 $70/month

1.5 Hours                                            $100/month

2 Hours                                               $135/month

3 Hours                                               $155/month

4 Hours                                               $175/month

5 Hours                                               $195/month

6 Hours                                               $215/month

7 Hours                                               $235/month

8 Hours                                               $255/month

9+ Hours                                               $275/month





Sibling Discount​​​



You receive the following discounts for siblings living in the same household: 2-4 siblings 10% off combined tuition 5+ siblings 15% off combined tuition


Refer a new student who registers and enrolls in Dimensions and receive $15 off of your tuition.

Advance Payment
Pay for the full year of tuition by October 1 and get one month free.

There are no refunds for registration fees, costumes or tuition for missed classes.   All fees are non-transferable.